New Relocation Features

Greetings Captains


With today’s update, you can now relocate from the World Map. Choosing to Relocate from the Outpost menu or the Command Center dropdown menu now takes you to the World Map to complete the process. From there, you can relocate by clicking any spot on the World Map and choosing the “RELOCATE” option.




You can also relocate using the pulldown menu in the upper right and choosing “BASE RELOCATE”




Choosing this will bring up a small interface showing Friends, Alliance members, and saved bookmarks. It will also display how long is left until your free Relocate.


Once you’ve chosen a spot from the group to relocate, the button will highlight and it can be pressed.



When attempting to relocate to someone in a different world, your camera will only pan to the edge of the world you are in. This is a limitation of the camera system, and may be addressed at a later date.  


As long as your Relocation timer is fully refreshed and you have no fleets on the map, if space allows you will relocate as close as possible to the chosen spot, friend, Alliance member, or Bookmark. Remember that there will still be areas around Drac Bases and Platforms that must be kept clear. The following pop-up will appear if your timer prevents you from relocating. This pop-up is now clear that you must wait at least 24 hours after you’ve relocated before doing so again by using gold to speed up your timer.


All other facets about relocation are staying the same with this change. We hope this makes the process of relocation easier and more manageable.

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