What are the qualifications for each star in a base hit?

A base attacker will earn a star when the following conditions are met:

  • 1st Star: Destroying 50% of the player’s base.
  • 2nd Star: Destroyed The Outpost.
  • 3rd Star: Destroying 100% of the player’s base.

If a base attacker destroys 25% of the player’s base, but fails to destroy 50%, the attacker will lose medals. It’s important to note that this damage is cumulative, not damage in a single hit. This means if a base has 15% damage to it prior to a base hit, the defender will be bubbled after 10% damage is done (bringing them to the 25% threshold). 

Also, clicking on a player’s base on the world map will show the number of medals you can win from a successful 100% attack, and the number of medals you stand to lose if you fail to trigger 1 star (dealing less than 50% damage, and more than 25%), as shown below.

The number of medals won/lost are shown below: 

  • Failed attack = Lose full amount of medals in the “Lose” category above (in red).
  • 1 star = Win 10% of maximum in “Win” category, as shown in the screenshot above.
  • 2 stars = Win 70% of maximum.
  • 3 stars = Win 100% of maximum.
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