How does the Limited Carrier "Random Launch Override" work?

The two new Limited carriers, Nash's Lightning Carrier and Harlock's Atlas Carrier, have an ability called "Random Launch Override." The special ability gives the hulls a chance to launch "special" UAV units that have a variety of different effects. These special UAVs are rare and do not launch at a high rate; it is entirely possible that, in shorter battles, you may only see one or two special UAVs launch. These are visually differentiated from the other UAV units by a unique color and "glow."

The special UAV types are:

Kamikaze UAV: Detonates after its swarm time is over; its detonation is similar to the shockwave from an Impulse Launcher D92-U.

Special Marathon UAV: This UAV works like the other UAVs being launched but swarms for much longer.

Special Pinch UAV: This UAV pinches an enemy ship; the pinch effect lasts for 1-2 seconds.

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