I can't log in on KIXEYE.COM

If you are having trouble trying to log in to the site, please try the following:

  1. Close the tab for

  2. Clear your browsers cache; you can find instructions on how to do so here

  3. Delete all cookies

  4. Close and reopen your browser

  5. Try and log in on the site again

If you're still not able to login, the next thing you should try is resetting your login password to You can do so by clicking the "Log In" button in the top right-hand corner of the web page. From here you can select "Forgot Password"

In the next box simply eter the email address assocaited with your account and clcik submit.


If after all this you still can't get logged in you will need to contact support directly. 

1) First try logging in using the support site using the same credential you use to log into the; in some cases they might work on one, but not the other.  This is the best case scenario as it will automatically give us a lot of the info we will need to get this sorted out for you.

2) If all else fails and you are unable to log into either the support site or as a last case secenario please create a new account so you can submit a support ticket; include as much info as you can about the account you are locked out so we know what to look for and we will do everything we can to get you back in your orginal account.

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