New Draconian and Reaver enemies are too powerful

The Draconians are formidable opponents with advanced technology that is frequently more powerful than anything currently available to the Forsaken Alliance. This can include developments like long-range weapon technology and the ability to hit submerged submarines with mortars. Likewise, Reaver fleets have very aggressive combat tactics that can prove to be quite a challenge. You will notice some Reaver ships having very quick combat speed and have some explosive machinery up their sleeves. Be careful when approaching these fleets!

While we are not able to fully reveal the details of these new technologies, we know that that certain technological advances present players with a difficult tactical problem.

 If you're looking for assistance, the Battle Pirates forum is a great place to start. For every new type of enemy, you'll find plenty of tips and discussions centered on how to bring them down. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to start your own thread!

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