How to clear your Flash cache and increase local storage

As a browser-hosted, synchronous combat game, Battle Pirates makes high demands of your Flash Player. Clearing your Flash cache and increasing your local Flash storage will ensure that your Flash Player is running at peak performance.  Feel free to watch the video below on how to accomplish both tasks, or if you prefer, you can find step by step instructions below the video.


Clearing Flash Cache:


  1.  Open up your Flash Player Settings:                                                                         -For PC Open up your Control Panel and select the Flash Player icon (NOTE: if you do not immediately see it when opening the Control Panel you may need to change the "view by" in the upper right hand corner from "Category" to either "Large Icon" or Small Icon"                                                                        -For Mac open your System Preferences and then select the Flash Player Icon                                                                                                       
  2. Go to the "Storage" Tab and click the "Delete All" option
  3. In the following pop up make sure that "Delete all site and data settings" is checked and then click the "Delete Data" button found near the bottom.


Increase Local Storage:

  1. To increase your local flash storage first open up Battle Pirates and right click anywhere on the screen.  In the pop up, select the "Settings" option.
  2. In the Flash Player pop up select the folder icon near the bottom.  This will give you a little slider for how much information you would like Battle Pirates to be able to store; move the slider to the far right hand side to set it to "Unlimited".  Once you are done click "Close"                               




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