What is a Limited Blueprint and where can I find it?

What are Limited Blueprints?

Limited Blueprints are, as the name suggests, blueprints that you can only build a finite number of.  The amount you can build is tied directly to how many times you have won/redeemed a copy of the blueprint.  Each time you gain a limited blueprint you are able to build 1 more of that type of blueprint; once you have built that blueprint the copy you earned is gone and you will be unable to build another until you have claimed another copy.

Where do I find my Limited Blueprints?

To simply just view your current Limited Blueprints is your Intelligence Lab.  Once you click on your Intelligence Lab select the "Limited" tab.  From here you can select

In the following pop up you can switch between either limited weapon or limited hull blueprints.  If you click on a specific blueprint it will give a detailed pop up about the blueprint itself and let you know how many you currently have built, and what your total capacity (how many you can possibly have) for that blueprint is.  Capacity will vary from blueprint to blueprint; some blueprints like Nash's Lightning Carrier can be claimed a total of 10 times, but other ones (such as the Phantom Nighthawk or Deadeye Executioner) can only have been claimed once, regardless how many times they has been offered.

Now that you know where to view your limited blueprints lets talk about building them.  For hulls open up your Shipyard, click "Select Hull", and then choose the "Limited Tech" tab.  Here you will be able to physically see how many of each blueprint you have left to build.  

Once you select which one you want to build, and the build job finish, you will notice that that copy of the blueprint will have disappeared from the Limited Tech tab in the Shipyard.

To build a limited Weapon (or Turret) blueprints first click on a Defense Platform, select "Equip Turret" and then click on the Turret Weapon Slot.  Just like in the Shipyard you will notice a "Limited Tech" tab on the right hand side; select this tab to view your available limited Weapon blueprints.  Also like the Shipyard, once you have finished equip the blueprint to a turret, that copy will disappear and you will be unable to equip the blueprint to another Defense Platform until another copy is obtained.

What happens if I scrap or unequip a limited blueprint.

Should you decide to scrap a limited hull or unequip a limited weapon, you will receive that copy of the blueprint back so it can be built again.

Feel free to also watch the following video further explaining Limited Blueprints.

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