New Forsaken Mission FAQ Changes

Greetings Captain, 

Here is an FAQ rundown of changes to the Forsaken Missions.

Q: What happened to Tier 4?
A: Tier 4 has been renamed the Elite Tier. This tier now has prizes similar in power level to what you would find in an event. 

Q: What does this reset button do? 
A: You can use the reset button once during each FM period. This will reset your progress to 0, and your timer will still tick down from the initial 72 hours, but you can earn prizes again upon successfully hitting a threshold again. Prizes and Uranium you earned before hitting the reset button stay in your account. This cannot be reversed, so do not reset progress until you are ready. 

Q: I didn't get any Uranium after I reset my progress. What gives? 
A: Uranium can only be earned the first time you participate in the FM in a given week. Be sure you are finished progressing before hitting that reset button. 

Q:Why do I need more points to reach a tier than I did earlier in the week?
A: The thresholds for each tier go up after hitting the reset button. This is intended. 

Q: How am I supposed to reach 50,000,000 points?
A: Two new targets are available for players to attack- 75 and 85's payout massive points to captains brave enough to take them on. 

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