My Tokens/Ships/Blueprints are missing!

Keeping track of your in game items can be difficult if you are unsure where to look.

If you completed a prize pack and are now unable to see the tokens or prizes earned, there is a maximum number that you can hold of each token type. If you are already at this maximum, these tokens may not be added. You can always see how many tokens you own in the Token Inventory by selecting the Token button below your resources.

Ships, blueprints, and turrets are all backed up on the BP servers and do not generally go missing or disappear. If you are unable to find a ship or turret after building or refitting, check through your entire inventory as it may have moved or not be in the same place as before. If you change your fleets around while a ship is refitting, you may see ships swap positions once the refits are completed and it returns to its original fleet. 

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