Why can't I build my ship?

If you are having trouble starting a ship build, or refitting a hull, here are a few things to check before submitting a ticket:

Dock Is Full” - This message means that your dock is currently at its maximum capacity of 130 ships. This includes any ships that are building or refitting as well. If you get this message, you will need to move some ships into storage or scrap them to make room for new ones to be built.


Maxed Out” - If you are seeing this message instead of Start Building, one or more of the components on your ship are not available to be built. This usually happens with limited Blueprints. If you own 2 copies of a blueprint, and already have 2 equipped to other ships, you will not be able to add it to any other ships until they are removed from another ship.


Overweight” - The maximum weight allowed for this hull has been reached. Several specials add armor weight which can quickly make the hull more than it can carry. Try removing most items and add them back in one at a time until you are at your maximum weight. Upgrading your dock also decreases the weight for ships.

"Hull is outlined in red" - If the hull is outlined in red, you either do not have enough available blueprints to build this particular hull, or you have a skin applied that is not currently in your inventory. Choose the hull again and the default skin should be applied.


If you are still unable to build your hull, Please send us a ticket so we can look into this. If you are receiving an error message (or SOS message), please send us a screenshot that INCLUDES the full error message. 

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