Why didn't I get credit/points for a target?

There are a few cases in which you may not get credit, or get reduce point value, for a completed target.

  • If another player “preps” or does damage to the target before you are able to enter and finish it.
  • The timer for the target or the event runs out. All targets must be completed before this timer ends to get credit.
  • Your Uranium / Titanium / Base Parts are full and there resources were not able to get added to your warehouses.
  • You did receive credit for the target but due to a poor connection, the quick-paced nature of the game, or a delay in the graphics updating the points and credit are added and after a refresh or within a few minutes the updated totals are showing.

Note: Due to how some target's health is calculated, you may receive slightly less or more than the expected payout. Certain buildings which can be destroyed for points but don't count towards the completion of a target can be present and change the amount of points received.

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