How do I use my Razortails?

The Drac have developed a new Sub: a CAV-resistant variant of the Nighthawk.  Fortunately, the Legion are one step ahead of them and have developed new, more powerful CAV aura, which is built right into the Razortail!

Command Nighthawks are even harder to surface, but the more Razortails you put in your fleet, the more quickly you’ll be able to surface your enemies and exploit their weaknesses.  When you see Nighthawks, be sure to bring your Razortails to bear!


The Razortail is a ship introduced in the Ray of Destruction event in September 2018. It was one of two new hulls that could be chosen from the prize store. Pairing these with the Needler Rocket and Wardiver Warheads makes for an excellent skirmish fleet. If you are able to run a full fleet of the Razortails, you can take advantage of the maximum aura cap that raises Submarines faster with each aura on them. 


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