Rogue Crews

What is a Rogue Crew?

Rogue Crews can be purchased with Uranium or gold and are buffs that can be applied to your fleets, giving them a special bonus for a limited period of time.  All crews give bonuses across the board and many also give additional bonuses if the fleet has a certain type of ship in it.  You buy Rogue Crews in the Store, where you choose an option and are given a randomly chosen crew:



Basic Crew 

Costs 500 Uranium and gives you a chance for a common/uncommon/rare crew. Players can earn 1 free Basic Crew every 24 hours (these do not stack; i.e. you cannot login after 5 days and have 5 free crews waiting). The free crew can be re-rolled. 

Advanced Crew 

Costs 1000 uranium and gives you a better chance for an uncommon/rare crew + adds a small chance for a legendary crew.

Elite Crew

Costs 15 gold and provides the best chance for an uncommon or rare crew. The possibility of Legendary crew roll is slightly higher than Advanced Crew, and has the lowest chances for a common crew. 

3x Elite Crew 

Costs 30 gold and provides 3 rolls on the Elite Crew table. Players are guaranteed at least 1 Rare or higher crew with this option, and will never receive a common crew. 


Even then, keep in mind that all rolls are random and there is no guarantee that you will find a specific crew on any roll. If you don't like your random crew, you can re-roll.  Basic Recruitment costs 400 Uranium.  Advanced Recruitment costs 800 Uranium. Elite crew costs 10 gold. Elite 3x costs 25 gold. 

Re-roll will not select the crew that you just had open when re-rolling (except in 3x)


Once a player accepts a crew, it moves to the 'Rogue Crews Recruited' area of the Great Hall, which can hold 50 crews at any given time:

The limit of 50 stored rogue crews only applies when purchasing crews; if you already have 50 stored you will not be purchase any additional crews but if you win one from a Time Limited Campaign, or in the Forsaken Arena, they will always be added to your storage regardless of how many crews you already have stored.

You attach Rogue Crews to fleets in your Dock.  Crews are attached to the fleet itself and you are welcome to swap out the ships like normal:


You are able to extend a crew once after clicking on 'Dismiss' if the timer has completely run out, refreshing the timer for a set amount of gold–listed with the crew specifics, below.

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