Battle Playback fails to load

We've received reports that playback is not loading for some players. 

This issue has been happening to players randomly and is difficult to track as it doesn't happen in a very consistent manner. In order to fix this issue, the game team requires more details.

If you are experiencing trouble with playback loading, please include the following information in your CS ticket:

  1. Your User ID
  2. Your current Timezone
  3. A battle log of the non-loading playback attack that includes
    1. The time of the attack
    2. Name and ID of the attacker
    3. Name and ID of the defender
    4. Battle ID number (located on the battle log)

Further details to include are

  • Is this a single battle that is not loading? Or multiple?
  • Does it sometimes work and sometimes not?
  • Does it work in a different browser? (please try and let us know which ones)
  • The browser name and version of your browser


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