My Portal Disappeared!


One or More Portals Disappear 


UPDATE 2/7: The game team was able to apply a fix with the most recent update. You should now be able to move, upgrade, and refit your portals as usual. 


We have received a small number of reports from players saying one of their portals has disappeared. It may show as just the turrets floating in air, nothing at all, or if in your base planner you can click on it to place it but it then only shows the range and not the structure itself. 



Above: You can see floating weapons in the channel.

Below: There are floating weapons just above the land tiles. 


Above: Portal is missing from the area in front of the other two portals. 



It sounds like this is happening after moving or rotating a portal in your base. To help prevent this, please do not change your portals until we have reached a permanent solution. 


The game team is aware and we are working with them to find a solution as fast as possible. We do not have a timeframe for the fix but hopefully we can get this correct soon. 

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