How does the Juggernaut X’s Draconian armor bonus work?

The Juggernaut X has a defensive system that will increase the value of Draconian Armor-based abilities.   

For example, the Zynthonite Armor D4-T is a Draconian Armor that adds a +14% turn speed bonus to your ship, as seen below. (You can find your armors in your intel lab)

When you add the Zynthonite Armor D4-T to your Juggernaut X, it will increase the value of that bonus by 50%. Which means the turn speed bonus to the Juggernaut X will be 21%, instead of 14%. We arrive at 21% by taking 50% of the original turn speed bonus (14%), which is 7%. We then add this 7% to the total turn speed bonus, which is 14% - 7 + 14 = 21% ! 

This 50% bonus is applied to any Draconian Armor-based ability.


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