Pourquoi ne peut-on pas convertir ses Crédits Facebook en or ?

Facebook recently made a number of changes to its payment system in order to begin phasing out Facebook Credits as its primary currency. In compliance with these changes, KIXEYE games no longer offer the ability to convert Facebook Credits to gold in the gold purchasing menu. If you have Facebook Credits that you have not yet used or if you have a Facebook Gift Card you have not yet redeemed for Facebook Credits, you will still be able to use them. To do so, you'll need to purchase a specific item in-game; for example, when you want to speed up repairs and have no gold in your account, click the speed-up button instead of going to the purchasing menu. This will automatically convert your Facebook Credits to gold to cover the cost; if you don't have enough Facebook Credits to cover the purchase, a menu will pop up prompting you to purchase whatever extra gold is necessary to complete the action.

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