Mes posts ont été supprimés des forums KIXEYE !

If you do not see a post that you've made, there is a good chance it wasn't actually deleted; it may have been merged or moved. When we see a lot of posts being created about the same issue, we'll often merge those posts into one thread. This is to keep all of the information in one place without cluttering the forum. Usually a re-direct thread will be left behind that will allow you to navigate to the thread your post was merged into. We will also move posts to the correct section of the forums if they're posted in a section that they don't belong in.  You can look up all of your posts by going to your wall on and clicking on one of the two forum links; either either select "Topics" for new threads you have made or "Replies."

If you don't see a post that you've made in that location, it may have been deleted. Our moderators will enforce our Forum Rules & Guidelines and if a post violates those rules it will be removed. Please review those guidelines before posting again, as multiple violations of our rules could result in your account being jailed or banned from the forums. 

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