How does Overload work on the Berserker hull?

The Berserker hull enters a state called "Overload" when it reaches a damage threshold multiple of 1,500. This means the Berserker hull will activate when it reaches 1,500, 3,000, 4,500, 6,000 hitpoints and so on. For example, if we were to build a Berserker hull with 6,200 hit points - overload would activate after taking 200 points of damage because it would be brought to the 6,000 hit point threshold. 

Once in the overload state, the following bonuses will be applied to the Berserker hull. 

Duration: 9 Sec

Weapon Salvo: +300%

All Damage Defenses: +40%

Weapon salvo does not increase by 300% for the entire duration of overload, but only for the very first salvo each time it's triggered. 

Overload activation on the Grimshine Berserker works a bit differently and is applied to all ships in the fleet. Stats can be found below. 

Grimshine Overload Effect: Affects all ships in the fleet

Duration: 9 Sec

Weapon Salvo: +300%

All Damage Defenses: +50%

Combat Speed: +30%



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