What happens if I scrap one of my labs?

Naval Lab - You will be able to access any hulls that you’ve previously researched at the Naval Lab, but you won’t have access to any future researchable hulls (unless rebuilt). The Naval Lab is also required to build the Intelligence lab.

Weapons Lab - You will not be able to access your launch pad, which means you will not be able to build or launch rockets, or have access to any new rocket put in the game. Attempting to access the Launch pad will yield the following error.

The Weapons Lab is also a requirement to build Intelligence lab.

Advanced Lab - Scrapping your Advanced Lab will prevent you from adding any Special to your ship - you will receive the error below when attempting to access Special's at your Shipyard.

The Advanced Lab is also a requirement for building the Intelligence Lab.

Tactical Lab - Scrapping your Tactical Lab will prevent you from being able to build Tactical Modules. Attempting to put a Tactical Module on a ship will yield the error below.

Intelligence Lab - Scrapping your Intelligence Lab will prevent you from accessing many of your hulls, components, and blueprints. To access a particular hull or component, you will need the corresponding level Intelligence Lab. For example, if you were attempting to access a component that you had won previously, say, the Shockwave Mortar D71-L, you would need to have the corresponding Intelligence Lab level required for that component. For the Shockwave Mortar D71-L, you would need a level 5 Intelligence Lab, or access to this weapon will be restricted. The screenshots below show what you'll see in game. The darkened slots with the red lock icons are examples of blueprints that require a particular level Intelligence Lab before they can be selected.

If you try to use one of these blueprints, you’ll get an error message informing you of what level your Intelligence Lab needs to be in order to access this component.  

If you try to build a ship with one of these weapons, you’ll get the error message below.


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