How does the Phantom Nighthawk's cloaking ability work?

The new Phantom Nighthawk limited blueprint is capable of cloaking fleets on the World Map. In order for the cloaking to occur, the Phantom Nighthawk must be the flagship of a fleet with only submarines in it. (Currently, the Phantom Nighthawk is the only submarine that can be a flagship.) 

The owner of the Phantom Nighthawk will see the fleet on the World Map as you would any other fleet; other players will see nothing: no wake, no targeting ring, nothing using the Navigation Relay tower, etc.

The only instances in which another player will see a Phantom Nighthawk on the World Map (provided that it's leading an all-sub fleet) is when the fleet is guarding something (this includes "proximity guarding" the owner's base) and when it's currently in battle with an enemy target.

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